Managing It All With Stratford Shields

Stratford Shields serves as the Managing Director at Loop Capital Markets. He helps the Chicago firm serve clients throughout the Northeast and Midwest. Prior to this, Stratford was employed through the government as a Deputy Director for Ohio Management and Budget. He also held a position at Morgan Stanley, which aligned him with the CFO […]

Gulf Coast Western Pushes Forward

Gulf Coast Western, LLC manages oil and gas partnerships with the aim to explore, develop and acquire domestic gas and oil reserves in the United States Gulf Coast region including Colorado, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Founded in 1970, Gulf Coast Western headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. The company is headed by Mathew Fleeger […]

The Best Brand Promotion Strategies with Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard is one of the most respected and successful brand promoters and consultants in the world. He has successfully launched and promoted leading global products for several companies in the technology, sports and lifestyle industries. Additionally, Steve Lesnard has served as a business executive for more than a decade. Throughout his career, Steve has […]

Richard Liu Qiangdong – Helping Jingdong Reach Its Full Potential

  The e-commerce sector is one of the most competitive in today’s date and starting an e-commerce firm and making it a multi-billion dollar enterprise is not an easy feat. However, Richard Liu ensured that his e-commerce business grows year after year under his watch and continues to evolve with time. See Related Link to […]

Vijay Eswaran Triumphs against all odds

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the pioneer and CEO of the QI Group of Companies. He also leads a multi-conglomerate that spans various sectors like retail, direct selling, education, financial services and hospitality. Right from QNET, its flagship subsidiary that he established in 1998, the company has grown to a global brand with offices in various […]

Boraie Development had a Joint Venture with a Major Center

Boraie Development is a New Brunswick, New Jersey bassed real estate development firm. Its founder, Omar Boraie,envisioned large office towers as he walked past dilapidated, old, broken-down buildings. Boraie Development helped revitalize downtown New Brunswick with office towers, condominiums, and other upscale buildings. One of Boraie Development’s most recent projects is the luxury apartment, The […]

JD.Com And WWF Go Green For Earth Hour 2019

  JD.Com recently announced that it has partnered with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) again for this year’s Earth Hour. This means a new wave of sustainability initiatives that will help China’s biggest retailer go green.   With a logistics network that covers the majority of Chinese consumers, has started a clothes recycling drive, picking […]