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Boraie Development had a Joint Venture with a Major Center

Boraie Development is a New Brunswick, New Jersey bassed real estate development firm. Its founder, Omar Boraie,envisioned large office towers as he walked past dilapidated, old, broken-down buildings. Boraie Development helped revitalize downtown New Brunswick with office towers, condominiums, and other upscale buildings. One of Boraie Development’s most recent projects is the luxury apartment, The […]

JD.Com And WWF Go Green For Earth Hour 2019

  JD.Com recently announced that it has partnered with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) again for this year’s Earth Hour. This means a new wave of sustainability initiatives that will help China’s biggest retailer go green.   With a logistics network that covers the majority of Chinese consumers, has started a clothes recycling drive, picking […]

Mark Holyoake Prepares To Step Down As CEO Of Iceland Seafood

Mark Holyoake is a British executive and real estate professional. He is currently partnered with the Carvalho Martins family to purchase the Herdade da Comporta. The successful real estate agent studied at the University of Reading. Mark focused on managing real estate and other business practices that could help him launch his business. Mr. Hoyoake […]