A Better Bottled Water, Waiakea Water

Everyone knows that bottled water is a must for healthier water consumption. It is convenient and ready to go as well. We also know that recently it has been brought to our attention that the bottles are not being recycled and take around 1,500 years to decompose. This has led to a trend of using thermos style containers that can be refilled and or other refillable containers with logos and brands on them. Someone has came up with a solution as well as a healthier water. Volcanic water is water that has been filtered through volcanic rock. It has then been bottled and is being sold in most supermarkets as well as online.

In recent news, Waiakea water has been awarded the Specialty Food Association Leadership Award. Naming it to better the environment and the community where it is sold. The award idea is to help create a better world to live in. Protecting the environment and producing a food that is specialized to the industry. Hawaiian volcanic Water does this very thing by bringing a type of water to the market that is pure and tastes different. It is enhanced with electrolytes and will help keep your body hydrated and full of life sustaining minerals. The bottle is distinctive with its design to disintegrate after about fifteen years instead of the 1,500 for a regular plastic bottle to decompose. This is another reason this company is on the rise because it is not sparing any cost to help save the environment and the future of where the water came from. The volcanic water benefits are like no other purification process and continue to enhance your body with natural water.

Waiakea water ph is such that will also help your body stay hydrated and healthy. The benefits of drinking pure water are endless and also taste great.


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