A Redefined Obsidian Energy

Oil and gas producing companies often have many trials and tribulations to encounter when attempting to spread their influence, such as health and safety concerns, community and environmental precautions, and governmental regulations. However, these complications have never trounced Obsidian Energy.


Obsidian Energy formerly known Penn West Petroleum, is a diligent company that relentlessly strives toward superior standards. As President and CEO of Obsidian Energy, David L. French and his management team have enforced strict regulations unto their company and their employees to reduce the chances of accidents while in the field. Many mandatory guidelines set by Obsidian Energy have a sense of kindredship with the employees working there. These guidelines have a sincere approach to real world problems and the best of interest for everyone is kept within the principles of the company.


As the employees are earnestly taken into consideration, the environment and community are heavily contemplated while working on projects as well. The need to surpass environmental regulatory standards is an ambition for Obsidian Energy and the concept of resource conservation has set Obsidian Energy far beyond their competition. Reclamation practices further spare the environment from over-mining of natural resources. These concepts help to reduce many concerns about the direction and approach that Obsidian Energy promotes.


Along with taking many precautions regarding health and environment, Obsidian Energy has excelled in maintaining above satisfactory quality with governmental regulations. By training each employee and stakeholder with how to abide by governmental decree, the spread of applicable knowledge is now boundless among the population. This, in turn, allows for a better understanding of how to properly maintain the environment and this also propels a more safety conscious agenda.

These policies are advantageous to making the world an unblemished and secure habitat for society and nature alike to prosper. The start of a new chapter is among us, and with a head strong-minded conductor, beneficial yields will help to change the world. Go To This Page for additional information.


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