Alex Pall on the Launch If the Band the Chainsmokers

In the year 2014, the music industry was graced with the emergence of new artists that took the industry by storm. The hit single Selfie was the breakout song for the Chainsmokers, an EDM band that has been realizing hit after hit since Selfie. Since the band was introduced to the globe, they have not disappointed once. Most of their songs, including Paris and Closer, have made it to the top of the charts. The Chainsmokers is a band that is made up of two DJs with a passion for music. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were introduced by Andrew’s manager and have since then made amazing music together.

About Alex Pall

Alex Pal is one half of the EDM Band called the Chainsmokers. Before Alex met Andrew Taggart, he was working as a DJ in the city of New York. At the time, this was a part-time job for Alex who was also working at an art gallery. Despite the passion he had for music, he was made to feel that there was no career in music especially in Electronic Dance Music which he was really beginning to get into. Despite the discouragement from very many close people, Alex Pall decided to give the music industry a shot. He began working with a manager and began taking on more DJing gigs. Through his manager who he is still currently working with, Alex Pall met Andrew Taggart’s manager who later introduced the two. At this time Andrew was a student at the University of Maine and also a part-time DJ. A huge part of their connection was the work that Andrew was doing at Inter scope as an intern.

Once Alex and Andrew were introduced to each other, they immediately started working on music together and have not stopped ever since. Alex Pall quit his job at the Art Gallery in New York and Andrew left Maine and the two started working on their musical career. of the two, Andrew is the singer who did the closer collaboration with Halsey that brought a lot of positive attention to the group.

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