Ara Chackerian Career and Charity Work

Ara Chackerian is a leading business executive and investor. During his career, he has done an excellent job adding value to companies and helping others. Ara invests in businesses that are focused on sustainability. He firmly believes that climate change is a significant issue facing the world.


Ara attended Florida State University and graduated with a degree in marketing. He changed his degree several times while he was in college. After graduation, he was not sure what path to take for his career. He started working at a large company and was promoted quickly. He decided to focus on becoming a business executive.


After a successful career as a business executive, Ara left the corporate world and became a venture capitalist. A venture capitalist invests money into companies that need capital to survive. In some cases, these companies become wildly successful. There are also examples of companies that fail miserably after receiving investment funding.


Throughout his career, Ara has invested in small businesses. He thinks that small business owners are a vital part of the economy. Ara also believes that innovation is essential to economic growth in the coming years.

As an investor, Ara has invested in companies that eventually failed. When this happens, he typically loses his entire investment. As a result, Ara invested in dozens of companies each year to reduce his financial risks.

Charity Work

Ara enjoys donating his time and money to various charitable causes around the world. He believes that all wealthy individuals should use their money to make the world a better place. He donates money to multiple educational charities each year. He also thinks the government should provide more services to low-income individuals. Ara believes that the environment should be a higher priority for business leaders. He recently wrote an online article about the need for drastic action on climate change.

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