Vijay Eswaran Triumphs against all odds

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the pioneer and CEO of the QI Group of Companies. He also leads a multi-conglomerate that spans various sectors like retail, direct selling, education, financial services and hospitality. Right from QNET, its flagship subsidiary that he established in 1998, the company has grown to a global brand with offices in various parts of the world, including the UAE.

The QI group of companies has managed to weather the storm thanks to its unique approach to business. Notably, the company has blended traditional sales methods with modern e-commerce models. Dr. Vijay reckons that he has always had this dream of merging the way people conducted business traditionally with the modern business models of the internet age.

Before starting up the company, Dr. Eswaran had to do a lot of research and had to go through endless debates in a bid to come up with the most plausible model. When he finally opted for the web-based sales complemented by direct selling, there was no turning back and everything turned out for the better.

Dr. Eswaran’s journey in entrepreneurship has, however, been marred with various challenges along the way. He notes that when he started, everything seemed to be against him and had to do an extra mile to impress his audience. To start with, he had to depend on his own sources of capital as he did not have any notable connections or rich family background to boost him up.

The other obstacle he had to deal with was the fact that at that time, Asia was undergoing a serious economic turmoil and all odds seem to be against him. Despite all these, however, he was able to pull through, thanks to the support of other like-minded partners and the support he got from his wife.

Dr. Eswaran has had to deal with various controversies on his business journey. The most notable among these is the dispute he had with his business partners that led him to be incarcerated. This took a toll on the reputation of the company, and they have had to work hard to clear their name and get back on track.


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