Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff What Readers are thinking

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff which started off as a audiobook and now a novel is written by a 57 year old Oscar winner by the name of Sean Penn. The book started off as an audiobook because he had no idea on where to start with publishing the book, no clue on how long it would take to get the book out during his personal timeline. Since he wanted the book to be out before the elections he opted to just settle with an audio version and later decided to publish a physical copy. The first attempt to write a novel didn’t go so well he started off with one or two pages and then life happened and he couldn’t get much accomplished. Now at this age he feels like life can’t interact as much and now he has the time to actually sit down and focus on this novel. Sean Penn got the idea to write Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff when the Sandy Hook massacre happened.


He was inspired by the down hill he saw this country going in. This book is focused on numerous of things like the multiple jobs he decided to take on from selling septic tanks to murdering the elderly. Penn wrote this novel with the objective to have freedom with words and an open mind. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was an uninfluenced body of work that Penn used to find a voice through imagination and exaggeration.


The character Bob is what Penn describes him as a killer and a complex person who lives in a complex place. He goes on to describe the character Bob as a person someone could connect to or make reference to. Despite his flaws. Bob’s life is just a relatable metaphor and it is also fiction. Penn felt as though the world forms too many opinions on fiction. Fiction is exactly what it is, its a view into someone else’s imagination. Bob Honey Just Do Stuff is a novel that should be a read as is.





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