Bob Reina’s Inspirery Interview

During Bob Reina’s interview with he whole-heartedly believes in Paying it Forward. One of his quotes in the Interview was, ” I get paid when people’s dreams come true.” That’s a good philosophy in any start-up business plan. Everybody needs somebody to help them make their dream a reality.


Bob admits in the interview that he was just like everyone else on the daily grind doing the nine to five as a police officer for an entire decade. Which made him feel like his time and money were at a halt. Just the push he needed to move forward and be his own boss. Learn more:


When Bob Reina realized that Video email hadn’t been discovered yet. That’s when he rallied up his old friend, Jonathan Chen and they spear-headed his idea about Video Email. He knew that this was the time to do it and he couldn’t procrastinate. Success had finally arrived and other contributors believed in his plan.


He reminiscence when he got that, Ah-Ha moment while on the job. He realized it was time to turn things around. Why not work on my own, building my own team, with my own wealth strategies. One day he tried to send his family a tiny video message and couldn’t do it. And this new idea birthed his Video Email business.


When asked, How do you make money? Bob Reina’s reply was through direct selling and creating Talk Fusion. He also continually exploits the idea that, Your success is my Success and vice-versa.


A man who believes in paying it forward. For further reading on Bob Reina go to:


Bob Reina (@Bob Reina) Twitter






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