Bruno Fagali: A Man of Integrity and Credence

Brazil has been suffering from corruption since they became independent from their colonizers. In the present, the effects of corruption can be seen everywhere in the country – many Brazilians are living in poverty, crime soars especially in cities, and people do not even care about their corrupt politicians anymore. Many people have already tried doing something to fight corruption, but they eventually stop because nothing seems to happen. However, one brave man, whose name is Bruno Fagali, is slowly changing his countrymen’s attitude towards corruption. He initiated the FAGALI Advocacy, which aims to provide information to the public about the damages that Brazil receives due to corruption, and how the country could act against those who are illegally draining the public funds for their benefit.

Bruno Fagali proposed the departmental integrity drive, and the main objective of this action is to lessen the corruption instance in the country. He stated that through the departmental integrity drive, many government offices would rethink about being involved in corruption, and overtime, it would restore the transparency in many Brazilian government offices. Bruno Fagali focused on the awarding of public projects to private firms because he knew that most of the corruption begins from auctions and awards. The action of Bruno Fagali gained attention from the public, and now, more people are becoming aware of the dangers that stem from corruption.

Many people are considering his solution as the ultimate answer to the never-ending problem of corruption in Brazil. Bruno Fagali’s FAGALI Advocacy is also helping out the public in determining which official might be involved in illegal activities, and they are pointing them out to prevent them from doing these things once again. Now that the FAGALI Advocacy is bringing change to the Brazilian society, people are becoming more open to sharing their experiences with corrupt officers. Being a lawyer himself, Bruno Fagali promised the people that he would be doing something about these atrocities that are committed by the corrupt politicians who are driven by their self-greed. He stated that cases could be filed against these politicians who do nothing but to drain the government funds.

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