Charlamagne Tha God And His Transparent Personality Pays Off


All radio show hosts are not created equal. That is obvious when you look at what Charlamagne tha God is bringing to the table. He is the entertaining morning show host of The Breakfast Club, that has created an unexpected surge in the talks about mental health. It seems to be the stigma in the black community, but Charlamagne tha God is looking for a chance to break down the issues that are keeping African Americans from speaking on their issues. He has written a book about it, titled “Shook One; Anxiety Playing Tricks On Me”.

Charlamagne has put his life in the spotlight to address mental health awareness. He believes too much anxiety in the black community is doing more than giving older men high blood pressure issues or heart attacks. What Charlamagne tha God believes is that the younger men are handling their aggression in all the wrong ways. There is logic to what he has to say. It is obvious that there are issues when you look at all that issues that result in violent conflicts.

These conflicts are often highlights in the entertainment industry that Charlamagne Tha God works in. He sees entertainers in positions of power that are in need of help. He knows that their lack of responsibility for getting help does not reflect well on the youth that they are connected to. Charlamagne tha God sees himself as a necessary middle man that is able to push the conversations forward. These may be the conversations that no one wants to have, but it is clear that there is a need for more of these conversations. See This Article to learn more.

These are the types of things that most radio hosts would shy away from, but Charlamagne has spoken on his own need for therapy. He has seen the need for himself, and he wants help others realize the need for addressing issues as well.


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