Clay Hutson Secrets on His Success in the Music Industry

Clay Hutson runs a firm that offers services for event organizers and musicians. Before kick-starting his career in Nashville, Hutson pursued several theatre design courses at the university. An audio engineer, clay Hutson got work opportunities in organizations operating in the live music industry. He worked hard and eventually became a project manager. It is after polishing his skills that Hutson found the confidence to found a company that manages, produces and also designs concerts and the majority of his projects revolve around rock music. He has successfully handled mega projects with renowned performers such as Pink, Guns Nā€™ Roses, as well as Kid Rock.

In a question and answer session published in The Bro Talk, Clay Hutson lets out a few secrets about his success in the music industry. When a recession took a toll on his former employer, it occasioned the establishment of his organization. The skills Clay Hutson had honed while working for his employers gave him the confidence to take an otherwise huge risk.

As far as attracting new clients to his business is concerned, Clay Hutson said that his reputation has been of great assistance. He attributes his stellar reputation to hard work, ability to pay attention to detail, and working for long hours. These virtues put him in the good books of performers who value professionalism and dedication, something that has earned him incredible referrals.

Among the habits that have given his business success include assessing his work for mistakes that can interfere with the safety or lower the quality of a show. He knows that severe damage could hurt his reputation forever. Adequate preparation for every event is equally essential, besides striving to arrange equipment sensibly. He also attributes his success to thorough planning as it enables him to manage his crew and consequently boost productivity and efficiency. Clay Hutson does not ignore even the tiniest of detail because he believes it goes a long way in making every event a success.

When asked what advice he would offer to the young people, he emphasized the importance of prioritizing family before anything or anyone else. Clay Hutson would also remind his younger self always to assess every situation with the utmost honesty. Irrespective of the difficulty associated with it, a frank assessment is crucial.

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