Clayton Hutson: Experience the Wow

The show business is all about pizzazz. It is about bright lights and loud announcements. The party that shouts loudest wins. All the activities involved in live entertainment and floor production can be tedious and overwhelming. Clayton Hutson has turned his work into an art form. His determination to consistently improve is an admirable quality. It is what makes him a titan of the industry. His sole purpose is to impress his clients. To leave them dazed. To have them bathe in the glory of his work. He has purposefully built his reputation to precede him.


To ensure excellence, he performs a check of everything personally. Despite being the boss, he arrives at the venues before everyone else to look for the smallest chance of a mishap and eliminate it. Be it a door that is way too small for equipment to fit or a stage that is lacking in oomph, he will ensure all that is handled. He credits himself for always operating ahead of time. As everyone else is busy enjoying the performance of the day, he is already in tomorrow’s headspace designing the set and making logistical plans.


Technology with regards to entertainment is advancing exponentially. There are new tools to use every day. He insists on the importance of staying ahead of the curve. Of staying abreast of changes in the world that could give you an edge. It is a dog eat dog world, best be the one eating. In addition to that, Clayton uses CAD do lay out his plans and ideas. This enables him to see the viability and iron out wrinkles. He is a man willing to use whatever tools available to him to improve his craft.


Clayton holds a BFA from Central Michigan University and MBA from the University of Michigan. However, his love affair with the music industry started at a young age. He has worked in different capacities, which has armed him with the skills to anticipate artist needs and visions. Since his stint at Getagrip Touring Inc, he has worked with some of the biggest names in music. Clayton Hutson owes his status in the industry to sheer hard work and determination. Learn more:

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