Clothes, Makeup, and Jewelry by Doe Deere

Doe Deere came to the United States at the age of 17 with her mother and sister. The next two years of adversity, while living in homeless shelters surviving on odd jobs and kindness, inspired her to go further than succeed. She and her husband started Lime Crime in their Brooklyn, New York apartment in 2008 while they were both in a rock band. She had a line of rebellious, punk clothing that she sold on eBay using the name Lime Crime. Not having the money for real models, she modeled her own clothes. Soon after she became known for her unique makeup looks which is when she began to transition from clothes to makeup.

Doe Deere made sure to stay true to her style and show how experimental makeup colors can be used to express oneself. Lime Crime Cosmetics is a Vegan and cruelty-free brand and known as the makeup line for unicorns. Over the years the years, her global fan base has grown and her company has gained cult-status for using globally-sourced ingredients to create colorful and unique trends. She and her husband ran the company for a decade until they sold it. They are involved with Lime Crime still but are focusing on Poppy.

Poppy Angeloff is a jewelry company created for Victorian girls living in the modern world. Doe Deere got the idea for Poppy after re-discovering family heirlooms and fell in love with their look. She began expanding on her idea and thought about what would be involved in creating a classy vintage-inspired jewelry company. Her sister was the one who pushed Doe to see that it was more than just an idea and a viable company. She was still very involved in Lime Crime Cosmetics at the time. During this time Doe spent months learning the history of jewelry making and jewelry design, which is how she discovered that the Victorian era drove her style. The new jewelry company, Poppy Angeloff, was launched by Doe Deere in the Fall of 2018. Poppy Angeloff’s goal is to create heirloom-quality jewelry that everyone can wear and pass down through their own families.

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