Doe Deere- Rags To Riches In The United States

Doe Deere is an entrepreneur from Izhevsk. Her born name is Xenia Vorotova. While growing up she idolized the United States and was obsessed with it, and with the English language. She enjoyed American Television, and was specifically enamored of New York City, which had about 3 times the people of her town of Izhevsk at the time.

In a classic rags to riches story, her mother, sister and she came to the United States with near nothing, and slowly climbed their way up. She was 17 when they came to New York City. They were in a homeless shelter for awhile, until Sanctuary For Families helped them out. Their mother had an Accounting degree, but they ended up homeless while her education was being transfered. They couldn’t make ends meet in New York with cleaning houses and Doe walking dogs and cat-sitting. With help their Mother was able to get an Accounting job, and her and her sister were able to go to school. They were able to go from living in a homeless shelter to an apartment with the help that was given to them.

She attributes her want to succeed to the hardships they faced while they were homeless.

In 2008 she created Lime Crime and employed 35 people to make a successful company. Since she came here 20 years ago, she has worked tirelessly in the pursuit of the American Dream. She is under the impression that that is why people continue to come to America, in order to pursue the dream of being successful, being safe, and contributing to society while being comfortable and in a nice home with family. She also wants to remind people that not all Americans started out as Americans, and that emigration is one of the shining things of the United States.

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