Graeme Holm, Co-FounderOf Infinity Group Australia, Has A Few Strategies To Cut Out Debt

Infinity Group Australia helps Aussies get their consumer debt out of the way, checking and savings accounts piled up, and investments stacked higher than the baby blue sky. The company was created five years ago by a pair of entrepreneurs named Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker.


Graeme Holm worked for a large consumer financial institution in Australia for about a decade before he left the ultra-big company and their high-paying ranks in favor of getting paid less, sometimes working more, and being directly responsible for operating the day-to-day operations of the financial services provider Infinity Group Australia.


Mr. Holm racked up significant, big-time experience while he worked for the aforementioned bank. Rather than keep the secrets he picked up over the years to himself, he feels that sharing them with the entirety of Aussies – every citizen living under the Union Jack – is better for the welfare of his home country than keeping it to himself and charging great amounts of money just for others to hear about such secrets.


Credit cards open doors to limitless debt


Credit card issuers know that they won’t receive every dollar they loan out to consumers back. One of their strategies for maximizing profit is to throw as much financing as possible at the figurative wall of consumers and charge high interest on the low-income accounts that stick.


Since credit cards companies hand out money en masse, anybody can get a card with limits of at least $500. Many consumers take out five, ten, or even more lines of credit out at once and quickly max them out. This results in tons of debt for consumers; even if such debts aren’t paid back, delinquent consumers will be hit with staunch penalties on their credit histories – there’s no way to beat the issuers.


Spending cash psychologically helps people track their money


Believe it or not, studies show that spending cash registers more emotions in the human brain than swiping credit or debit cards, money orders, checks, and other non-cash forms of payment. Learn more:


Unlike plastic – stores often have minimum limits for spending because processors charge nominal fees – using cash doesn’t require any fees, helping consumers save money.


Graeme Holm isn’t a psychologist or a doctor, but he thoroughly agrees with the concepts that this principle sets forth. Cash also helps cut down on technical difficulties.


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