Gregory Aziz’s Transformative Journey With The National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz is a Canadian entrepreneur and owner of the National Steel Car. National Steel Car Manufacturing Company manufactures tank cars and freight cars. The company was created in the early 20th century. Greg Aziz has been a supplier of these products to the largest rail companies in the region. National Steel Car is now the largest supplier in Canada and the United States. The company has established a market for the best quality products. No other company can match the quality of National Steel Car products.


Gregory Aziz’s transformation of the National Steel Car was not pure luck. His business skills were gained from work after graduation. After graduation, Gregory Aziz worked for a family-owned business, Affiliated Foods. Affiliated Foods Greg was a talented businessman. He joined the company in Ontario and left a huge mark 16 years later. Affiliated Foods was just another company, but Gregory Aziz made it the number one company in Canada and the United States. He began by establishing a plan that would expand the business operations of the food industry.


Greg ensured that Affiliated Foods became the largest food importer in North America and the largest supplier in the region. Affiliated Foods would import fresh fruits and vegetables from Europe and South America and sell them to wholesalers in North America.


After working for Affiliated Foods, Greg Aziz moved to New York where he worked with investment banks. He had learned practical skills in the things he had learned while graduating. While he was in the investment banking sector, it was then that he obtained the Dofasco that sold the National Steel Car. He decided to buy the business and renovate it because it was not working well at the time.


Gregory J. Aziz has taken steps that have made National Steel the largest engineering company. Under his supervision, a collapsing business can now flourish with businesses. With a production of more than 12,000 cars in a year, National Steel Car is a global company. The company has been rewarded by TTX SECO for a decade after its high-quality product. He is also certified 9001: 2008.


Greg Aziz is a happy man with the success of the company to date. He is proud that the company is making headlines for its success unlike in the late 19809 when it was in the news for deteriorating business fortunes. With the performance of the company right now, it is going to be the biggest company for a long time. Go To This Page for additional information.


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