Gulf Coast Western Pushes Forward

Gulf Coast Western, LLC manages oil and gas partnerships with the aim to explore, develop and acquire domestic gas and oil reserves in the United States Gulf Coast region including Colorado, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Founded in 1970, Gulf Coast Western headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. The company is headed by Mathew Fleeger who took over in 2007 from his father. Fleeger is an entrepreneur and a successful businessman. He studied finance and marketing at Southern Methodist University. His father, who founded Gulf Coast Western, was his inspiration.

Fleeger indulged in the business world after his graduation full of ambition and enterprise. He hopped from one job to the other for seven years hoping to obtain vast experience. He excelled greatly in executive roles thanks to his leadership skills. Fleeger quickly raised through ranks when he got entry-level positions. He got many offers from various Texas-based firms but Fleeger chose to work for his family’s business. Although Gulf Coast Western, LLC was rewarding, Fleeger’s entrepreneurial instincts led him to follow new paths. He founded MedSolutions in 1993, a company that engaged in medical waste treatment, disposal, and management. He held the director, president, and CEO title for 14 years. In 2007, Fleeger sold the company to Stericycle for $59 million. With his experience at MedSolutions, Fleeger was perfect for the CEO position at Gulf Coast Western.

Matthew Fleeger ranks among the most popular International Business Professionals. His expertise in waste management, oil and gas, and tanning industries prove his competence. Gold Coast Western continues to expand its working interest in various wells and saltwater disposal assets. The company has its presence in major shale locations. Under Fleeger’s leadership, Gold Coast Western is continuously expanding its services to more locations to supply oil and gas with the increase in demand.

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