Heal And Sooth: Apple And Tesla Earnings Looking Good Or Bad

Are earnings for Apple, Tesla, Square, Sonos IPO and more looking green on profit or red on loss? Well in Heal and Soothe’s CrunchBase’s article there were much to talk about of the companies. Heal And Soothe refers to an Oral Proteolytic Enzyme Formula designed to relieve inflammation and reduce pain. It is produced by National Enzyme Company, sponsored by Healthy Back Institute and sold and distributed by Living Well Nutraceuticals. This product contains L-glutathione, vitamin E, and peptide. It also contains herbal extracts and proteolytic enzymes. The mixture of these various categories of natural elements does not only make Heal And Soothe a strong pain reliever but also safe to use over a long duration of time. Proteolytic Enzymes are Mother Nature’s Miracle. The proteolytic or systemic enzymes are the primary selling aspect of this product.


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For on being apple, it is a typically boring time of the year for their company as there are no new devices or technology coming out, luckily when around September there will be a Key-note which will likely bring in much more money and earnings. The next company Square is looking promising with soon to be predicted profit and revenue of about 368 million dollars! Predictions for Tesla may be sad for investors due to there being a predicted loss of $2.81 per share. Luckily on the bright side it looks like the company will be coming in with a whopping 4 billion in revenue. The company Sonos on the other hang is looking to get out quick while they can, why not when you still can right?


Comparing the four companies it seems as if long term Apple and Tesla will be the top dogs out of the following, but why? Well for one Apple is constantly growing expanding company that prove time and time again why they are one of the top technology brands in the entire world. They are expected to bring in 52.3 billion dollars in revenue this period. This revenue and cash flow comes from the need of people wanting the brand name of apple, the reputation, the best new technology and that seems to be Apple. Tesla seems to have the same fundamentals in such way that people want the newest and coolest thing, or somethings that is in! and Tesla’s are that, many famous actors, you-tubers, social media influences have Tesla’s and that makes everyone else in the world want it!


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