Igor Cornelsen is an Expert Investment Advisor

Igor Cornelsen was a popular investment advisor in Brazil during the large stock market crash of 2008, that caused a lot of economic upheaval in his former home of Brazil. Seeing this after several attempts by the government at the time, Igor saw that with his knowledge of the Brazilian stock market led him to evaluate and change his company to more finically safer investments and stock tradings. Leading him to his new place as one of the greatest stock analysts of this age.

Igor Cornelsen was born in 1947 and went through 2 years of Economics after changing from his original major of Engineering at the Federal Universit of Parana. Based on his skills with calculating rates he became the top of his class.

In 1970 he started working at an investment bank. After joining the investment company of Multibanco in 1974, within two years he became the CEO until Bank of America took over and he took a position at Unibanco until 1985. Where he honed his skills more working for Libra Bank PLC and then transferred his growing knowledge to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank for seven years.

He started his own company in 1995 using all the skills he had learned from the other companies.

Currently, his working with Bainbridge Inv Inc, serving as their proprietor. Letting them use his knowledge and know-how of the stock market and company planning as well as his economic insight on a daily basis.

That is when he not resting his large brain either here in South Florida or his native home in Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen also reads up on both the British market as well as the other European markets and economics to make sure that his financial advise is up to date and planned well around today’s moving and vast changes.

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