JD.com Is Bringing Its Customers Some Great Holiday Cheer With An Exciting New Partnership


China’s retailing giant JD.com has proudly announced a number of major news stories through its corporate blog in recent months and one of the most exciting stories that have come out of e-commerce firm recently is the fact that it is partnering with Sanrio in order to bring its extensive customer base a major dose of Hello Kitty for the holiday season.

As of the 22nd of December, 2018, JD.com has launched a massive sale in which merchandise with a Hello Kitty theme will be promoted. This promotion will encompass a number of categories that range from food and electronics to FMCG and much more. As a part of this massive promotion, JD.com is also offering a release of special gift boxes of a limited edition nature in promotion of the Hello Kitty brand.

JD.com is taking this exciting Hello Kitty promotion a step further with the fact that the company is also hosting an exciting offline promotion that specifically features the brand. This will be held at the fabulous Wangfujing APM Shopping Mall in the city of Beijing. Customers who attend this exciting event will have the benefit of getting some amazing photographs of themselves posing with Hello Kitty as well as JOY. JD.com’s own Jipeng Men has expressed the fact that the company is thrilled to be able to provide a platform that will allow its vast customer base to have access to an iconic brand like Hello Kitty.

This is all well in line with JD.com’s revolutionary “Boundaryless Retail” vision. This initiative provides the loyal customers of JD.com with the opportunity to get the products that they want when and where they want them. Allowing customers access to such a beloved brand as Hello Kitty is just another way that JD.com is able to keep up its stellar reputation for customer service and efficient delivery.

The holiday season really is a perfect time of the year to launch such an exciting new promotion and to partner with such an exciting brand like Hello Kitty. This all is really no surprise considering the reputation that JD.com has worked hard to cultivate over its many years in business. Read This Article to learn more.


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