JD.com’s Historic First Drone Flight In Indonesia

China’s largest retailer JD.com recently announced the first successful drone flight in Indonesia. The flight was a historic one for both JD.com and the country as it was the first ever government approved flight, in addition, this drone delivery flight will be a major step forward when it comes to faster shipping durations for Southeast Asia. The historic flight was overseen by JD.com officials as well as members of the Indonesian government. The news of the drone flight was announced at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting.

The drone flight began at the Jagabita Village in Parung Panjang and contained a box filled with school supplies for the students of MIS Nurul Falah Leles Elementary School. The delivery of backpacks and school essentials was part of a bigger donation drive for the school by JD.com. The act of giving to the less fortunate during this flight symbolized the incredible efforts of the philanthropic culture within JD.com. In fact, JD.com often utilizes its complex transit system to bring rural areas within China much-needed supplies.

JD.com in conjunction with their junior partners JD.ID, where instrumental in the efforts of bringing high-quality delivery service to Indonesia. Although both companies are no strangers to the country, the development of their drone delivery system was crucial in aiding smaller communities within the country.

Chief Strategy Officer at JD.com, Jon Liao stated that the company is honored to have been part of such a historic moment for the country. Furthermore, Jon Liao comments on how this same drone system was able to bring much-needed aid to people within his own company and hopes that the people of Indonesia can benefit from it as well. Find Related Information Here.

The historic drone flight also presents Indonesia the opportunity to grow JD.com and promote further innovation and acceptance of these technologies.


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