Jingdong’s Supply Chain Tech; Initiating Commerce Efficiency Across China

The “JD Cloud Warehouse Management Solution” is taking a wave over small and medium-sized enterprises in China with the new, advanced cloud-based supply management solution created and launched by the popular e-commerce market leader JD.com, which is also known as Jingdong Mall.


The supply chain management sector has suffered from inefficiency over the years undermining the true potential of businesses. Seeing the problem has affected the rise of enterprises, JD.com launched the new solution last December to primarily upgrade existing warehouse management systems.


Jingdong’s “Retail as a Service” program also shortly referred to as RaaS, serves as an opening venue for other companies and industries to use JD.com’s infrastructure and technology. Also, the program provides a platform for companies to lease underused warehouse space to other parties in need; eventually optimizing the use of real estate while making the whole logistics sector much more effective. Any interested parties participate by either incorporating JD.com’s brand or by utilizing JingdongMall’s ultra-effective delivery program where products are stamped with “Delivered by JD Logistics” and are displayed on the company’s website.


The initiative was primarily designed to solve Jingdong’s inefficiency in the logistics network across China which could rocket the delivery of goods to over 90 percent of the total inventory within a short time frame. The smart supply chain open solution has the capability of collecting large data from its partners which helps estimate and forecast inventory demand and supply which in turns helps the companies organize warehouse arrangements maximizing the effectiveness of the systems. To improve assessment quality and operational standards when using the smart supply chain open solution, the e-commerce market leader also strives to offer training programs to help employees and partners use the system with ease.


The initiative has received wide reception from retailers with the warehouses spreading mainly in China’s largest cities. Many business owners using the Jingdong’s solution seem to have positive news with an increase in orders while empowering the company brands firmly in the respective industries.


Indeed, the “JD Cloud Warehouse Management solution” has been the long-awaited transformative wave to leading the journey towards business success. With only a few months running, the solution has made remarkable strides towards improving life and business. Visit This Page for additional information.



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