Jojo Hedaya Is Battling Against Junk Mail

Jojo Hedaya knows how much of a hassle junk mail can be in your email inbox. You are waiting on that important email from your boss and you just cannot find it because there is so much junk mail. He wanted to do something about this, so he came up with the idea for a program called Unroll.Me.


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Our newest Unroll.Me member!

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Unroll.Me is a program that sorts through your email inbox for you. It combines all of you junk mail into one email and then you can simply go to that to unsubscribe from any emails you may not want to see. Unroll.Me makes it very simple to unsubscribe to emails you do not want to get. A good thing about Unroll.Me is that you can set the time that you want Unroll.Me to go through your inbox. So if you want them to go through your inbox in the early morning, lunch, or in the afternoon you can do that!

Jojo Hedaya understands how frustrating junk mail can be because he struggled with lost emails from his business partner Josh Rosenwald. This is the main reason that the pair came up with Unroll.Me. They wanted to have a convenient way for themselves and other people to deal with junk mail in their email mailboxes.

Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald came up with a brilliant idea when they came up with Unroll.Me. They never guessed that this idea would be as successful as it is, but it has definitely gained them a lot of success. Unroll.Me is used widely around the world by business and individuals. Jojo Hedaya, Josh Rosenwald, and Unroll.Me are already very successful, but they will continue to grow their success as years go by because email will always be used. Unroll.Me is setting a good way for junk mail to be removed from inboxes.

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