Louis Chenevert Explains how Innovative Technology is Impacting Businesses

Technology is changing rapidly across all industries and hardly a week passes by without a new invention being introduced into the market. New apps are developed daily, development on artificial intelligence is being made, and there are enhanced automation processes in industries. People who have lived longer can attest to the fact that technology has changed and is transforming lives. Those who are at their 90s have witnessed it all from the time the automotive were powered by steam, then gas and now solar or electricity including self-driving cars. It is just a tip of the iceberg, and it is evidence of how technology has advanced. One is just but left to wonder how the world will look like in the next five years as a result of advanced technology.

The business world is one sector that has thrived because of technology. Companies that have understood how crucial embracing technology is are quite successful. Louis Chenevert is one man who understands how technology can quickly transform an industry. Chenevert served at the helm of United Technologies Corporation as Chairman, President, and CEO. UTC is a leading global firm in the aerospace industry and is headquartered in Farmington, Connecticut. UTC as a leading aerospace company is the main supplier of fuel cell power plant that powers spaceships. The firm supplies the fuel cell power plus other technology services to big organizations such as NASA including the military and firms in the private sector.

Louis Chenevert immediately after being given the mantle of leadership knew right from the start for the firm to be successful it needed to invest in technology heavily. Chenevert focused on operational talent and engineering that eventually paid off. The firm innovativeness produced results that exceeded client expectations. Beside Chenevert maintained focus on small teams and had an operational leadership team that was provided with all the necessary tools, funds and autonomy to enhance the production of game-changing products. As a result, the firm grew in leaps and bounds and revenue and profitability increased. Chenevert approach is what transformed UTC to be a leading aerospace innovation company globally. Some of the innovative products Chenevert spearheaded while at UTC include improvements on the F135 engine and development of the GTF engine.



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