Louis Chenevert Struck Success In The Manufacturing Industry

Louis Chenevert is a made who has become a legend in the financial industry and the manufacturing industry for his impeccable decisions and innovations that others failed to assume. Louis was born in Canada in 1958, though he was not very well off. Despite this, Louis was sure he was going to become something in his life and be a success. Louis has worked at many different organizations over the years in executive positions, including P&W, United Technologies, and Goldman Sachs. Today, he is the Chief Executive officer for United Technologies Corporation and he still sweeps in and out of the banking industry through Goldman Sachs.

Manufacturing companies haven’t done so well over the past five decades and Louis Chenevert’s company, United Technologies, is one of the few that have made it through the test of time. Most other manufacturing companies, even the larger ones, collapsed over the years or eventually sold themselves off. Louis’s exceptional leadership and ideas have led to United TEchnologies becoming one of the largest manufacturing companies in the world. Estimated at more than 65 billion dollars, United Technologies Corporation has few rivals in the manufacturing industry. Louis has credited many other individuals for their hand in the companies rise, including past business partners that steered Louis on the right path.

United Technologies has become a major manufacturer because of time, but more than anything because of Louis adapting to aerospace technologies. The most significant accomplishment that UTC and perhaps Louis has made is the completion of the GTF Engine. Once a prototype, it was left unfinished due to the amount of money it would cost to truly build the engine. Louis decided the investment was worth it, despite being roughly 10 billion dollars in total, and 10 years later the GTF Engine was born. Today, the GTF Engine is used in aircraft all across the globe thanks to Louis Chenevert’s determination.


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