Luminesce, the world-class skincare moisturizer from Jeunesse Global, wins over customers by the millions

Few companies have been as successful as Jeunesse Global at making serious incursions into the markets of well-established competitors within the global health and cosmetics industry. This is made all the more astonishing by the fact that Jeunesse Global is just nine years old. Founded in 2009 by serial entrepreneurs Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the company has grown from a home-based startup business into one of the most important cosmetics brands in the world. And this incredible growth is squarely attributable to the immense skill and perseverance of both Ray and Lewis.

One of the early decisions that proved to be key in the astonishing growth of this remarkable company was the decision of Ray and Lewis to focus on niche markets that had not been adequately addressed by some of the biggest players in the industry. While many of Jeunesse Global’s products may appear to be fairly straightforward evolutions of traditional cosmetics concepts, the truth is that almost all Jeunesse Global products are highly innovative and targeted to specific niche markets.

One example of this is the company’s skincare moisturizer and anti-aging formula, Luminesce. As a standalone moisturizer and skin care cream, Luminesce ranks towards the top of the pack. In a number of objective product evaluations, which measure skin care products across a variety of different metrics, Luminesce has come out right towards the top. And like most Jeunesse Global products, Luminesce is offered at an extremely competitive price, making it highly affordable for many people across the globe.

But where Luminesce really shines is in the area of anti-aging. The product is made with Jeunesse Global’s proprietary anti-aging formula, APT-200. In internal clinical studies, APT-200 has been shown to dramatically reduce the incidence of age-related blemishes as well as being able to prevent the formation of new ones. It is also able to restore the youthful elasticity that is so often lost to the aging process, giving skin a youthful and supple appearance as well as a beautiful and healthy glow. For these reasons, Luminesce has become one of the most popular skincare moisturizers and anti-aging products of the worldwide cosmetics market today.

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