Mark Holyoake Prepares To Step Down As CEO Of Iceland Seafood

Mark Holyoake is a British executive and real estate professional. He is currently partnered with the Carvalho Martins family to purchase the Herdade da Comporta.

The successful real estate agent studied at the University of Reading. Mark focused on managing real estate and other business practices that could help him launch his business. Mr. Hoyoake invested in an Icelandic fish company as his first major transaction.

Now, Mr. Holyoake resigns from his position as CEO of the Iceland Seafood International company. He is expected to be replaced by the former CEO. Another nominee for the position is Liv Bergthorsdottier, a former chairman for the Icelandic airline.

The nominees for the CEO position at Iceland Seafood International carry strong ties with the company and for good reason. This decision mitigates the concern of company policies and ensures that the values of the company are maintained.

The decision to replace Mr. Holyoake comes during a time when customer satisfaction is down. The company seeks to increase its quota owners of Iceland. Sentiments to change the direction of the company are shared by several high-ranking executives. Visit This Page for additional information.

Many interviews seek further information about the reasons behind the company’s changes in CEO. Several CEOs over the span of a decade demonstrates drastic changes from within the company.

In 2010, Mr. Holyoake agreed to purchase share capital of ISI. His decision occurred after the collapse of another one of his companies known as the British Seafood Group company.

Currently, Mr. Holyoake expresses that he has mixed emotions about stepping down from his position as CEO. He does believe that now is the right time to step down. Mr. Holyoake’s long relationship with the company leaves him somewhat concerned about the future of the company.

In his interview, Mr. Holyoake speaks highly of the Iceland Seafood company and refers to it as a fine company. He suggests that the company experiences excellent growth and this growth is expected to come for years.

The Iceland Seafood company positions itself as one of Europe’s leading seafood companies. Mr. Holyoake looks forward to the company’s success.


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