Nicolas Krafft And The Future Of L’Oreal


L’Oreal is one of the world’s most recognizable names in beauty and fashion. This past September, L’Oreal hosted its annual fashion on a floating catwalk over the Seine river, a unique and bold approach from the company. It was a captivating site and caught the attention of many. The fashion show sought to showcase more diversity among its models, making beauty and fashion more accessible. The celebration brought some of the biggest names from the fashion scene.

Nicolas Krafft is the Vice President Global at L’Oreal and holds several other executive positions within the company. Nicolas Krafft’s vision to make fashion more accessible to people all around the world was demonstrated in the celebration, with models traveling from many countries to showcase top tier designs.

Nickolas Krafft is focusing more of his energy in expanding L’Oreal worldwide.

The 60-meter walkway boasted some popular names including Louise Bourgoin and Elle Fanning. Many of the models described the event as a memorable and historical moment for the company. It was an exciting event for everyone watching so many big names walk across the floating stage with a powerful message in mind. Nicolas Krafft also plans to focus more on events that carry a message beyond simply looks. The event at the France Seine river was only a preview for the future of the company. See This Article for more information.

There is a good chance that the company will begin featuring more actors and other well-known faces to further the message. The message of diversity can also be seen on social media sites. L’Oreal has positioned itself to discuss the gaps of diversity that exist within the modeling industry. It is not quite common for fashion and beauty companies to address such issues, but this is what makes L’Oreal special.

L’Oreal doesn’t only look to diversify its models, but also their fashion, products, and approach towards marketing. As the world is becoming more connected, L’Oreal has the opportunity to reach out to more people. Viewers can expect to see more fashion shows from L’Oreal on the silver screen.


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