Robert Deignan, the Brains behind ATS Digital Services

Robert Deignan is a respected name in the technology industry. He was born and raised in Florida. He played football in high school and was awarded a university scholarship by Purdue University. He excelled in his academics and football. He was employed by Miami Dolphins for a short time after college. His first entrepreneurial venture was Fanlink Corporation.

Deignan is the CEO and co-founder of ATS Digital Services. He started the company when he was working for Anti-Malware Company. Customers had difficulty removing malware. Deignan and his colleagues decided to set up an in-house facility to help customers. They had technical support agents who could connect to customers’ machines to remove malware. They removed malware successfully and gained the confidence to continue. Customers trusted them to provide technological solutions. They started charging a small fee to remove malware from users’ machines.

When Robert Deignan and his friends left Anti-Malware Company, they opened ATS. They picked off from where they left. It was an opportunity to fix computer problems and increase their business prospects. Robert Deignan likes brainstorming ideas when he is disconnected from technology. He spends time alone to think of ideas and how to improve the business. He appreciates the fact that more people have embraced remote technologies.

In modern age, you don’t have to take your computer to a retailer or technician since you can fix it at home. Many people are frustrated by the slow pace of their machines. They now know that by using remote technology, all the problems will go away. They can get a certified technician to assess their computers are rectify issues at home. Users retain control and do not worry about losing their machines. Moreover, users can decide to disconnect from the remote session if they feel threatened.
Instead of spending time and resources to take your machine to a retailer, use remote technologies. Robert Deignan believes that ATS Digital Services has a bright future owing to its performance so far. The company has many customers and is expanding operations to other areas. Deignan says employing relatives can be risky and should be avoided. The sky is the limit for ATS Corporation.

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