Roseann Bennett Is Helping People In Her Community


Roseann Bennett is a marital and family therapist who is based in New Jersey. She has worked with adolescent children and families of those adolescent children for over a decade. The Center for Assessment and Treatment is a mental health nonprofit agency that Roseann Bennett co-founded and is the executive director of this agency. Roseann Bennett co-founded this agency because Bennett saw that there was not a lot of mental health help for low-income individuals that could help them promptly.


She saw that a lot of her clients came back to her because not many others had a continuation of care as well. Her and her husband wanted to change that and decided to create the Center for Assessment and Treatment. It is a charitable organization that will help all people and families from all different background, but focuses on people marginalized by their communities.


They started small with their organization. When both Roseanne Bennett and her husband got their licenses they set up their office with furniture from their home so they didn’t have to spend the money on other furniture. They did not worry about the appearance that would take up too much cash. They obtained clients through being active in the community, attending meeting and being open as much as they can. Visit This Page for related information.


They are open six days a week and for 11 hours a day. They would also look at other therapy businesses and would look at what they were doing wrong and avoid those things. They also refuse to turn down a client. Through co-founding this nonprofit Roseanne Bennett learned that someone must really love what they are doing in order to continue working this hard and not want to give up.


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