Talk Fusion Introduces Product Council to Ensure Quality.

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Talk Fusion has once again created an innovative way to ensure the quality of their products. By forming a new 300 member VIP Product Council, Talk Fusion has developed an effective tool to test and provide feedback of product enhancements prior to their general customer release.


The VIP Product Council is an exciting addition to Talk Fusion’s business system. Within hours of the announcement of this council, Talk Fusion was inundated with applicants who were enthusiastically trying to join the group. The chosen 300 will now get to see and help develop the cutting edge technology that drives the Talk Fusion software packages, as well as get a preview of all the new and exciting upgrades Talk Fusion has in store.


With plans to upgrade and enrich Talk Fusion’s entire product line, the VIP Product Council has begun thoroughly testing the much awaited enhancements to Video Chat, Talk Fusion’s popular product that allows for file and desktop sharing, audio calls, vanity URLs, dedicated chat rooms and group messaging. After the release of the enhanced Video Chat in the first quarter 2018, this Council will continue to test and provide feedback for the many planned refinements and additions to the rest of the product line.


Talk Fusion, the brainchild of Bob Reina, who when frustrated by the inability to send a video through email, worked to create the noted video communications company in 2007. Talk Fusion is now a favorite tool in over 140 countries and shows no signs of slowing its growth. Using WebRTC technology, Talk Fusion is leading the way with software options that allow companies to extend their marketing, spread their message and foster communications. Learn more:

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