Talk Fusion: What A Year 2016 Was

When Talk Fusion takes the time to look back on 2016, they should give themselves a nice pat on the back. They deserve it. However, knowing Bob Reina and knowing Talk Fusion, I imagine they will do nothing of the sort. They don’t like to live in the past. They like to live in the present and the future. Bob Reina has talked in the past about looking for the next big thing. The search is endless as is his desire to change people’s lives. It is actually a mission to change lives. Usually, when people say things like that, it is to get attention or get big headlines.


For Bob Reina, it is from the heart. He always speaks from the heart, and it resonates with people. As a former police officer, he has seen a lot and done a lot in his lifetime. Experience is the greatest teacher in life, as it prepares people for particular situations. When they have been through something, seen something, or experienced it, they count on that when something is presented to them. Bob Reina is really big on getting it right, and he has gotten it right with the video communications company Talk Fusion. It is proven by the fact they won two awards in 2016 including the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation ( They were called true leaders in their industry.


This is high praise, and this is not a company that gives out awards or praise easily. It needs to be earned the proper way. Bob Reina has always done things the right way. He is a leader as a person and a leader as a CEO. Everything about him screams leader. He was put on this earth to lead. When a company has a great leader like Bob Reina leading the charge and it also has a product that matches its leader, it is bound for great things. Maybe they should take a little bit of time and reflect on the year they had in 2016. They have earned it.


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