The Evolution of the Chainsmokers Keep Cranking Out Hits

If there is one thing that The Chainsmokers know how to do it is make hit records. This duo has made it by creating music that continues to dominant the mainstream. There are countless hits from the producers that have generated so many songs in the course of the last year.


Songs like “Closer” gave people a much better look at what the Chainsmokers were bringing to the table. Now they are stepping up with some even darker tracks like “Sick Boy.” It is just a sign that they are not afraid to change up their style. They have had a lot of singles that have peaked on the Billboard Top 10, but the “Closer” single actually peaked at number one. That would be a very big part of their career success because these types of peak positions on the charts would become platinum singles that would lead to crossover appeal.

The Chainsmokers are often known for recruiting women to sing leads on singles that they are producing. At other times this duo is creating vocals and the instrumentals to the tracks. This is what has made them such a phenomenal team. They have the ability to produce every aspect of the music that they create. They are even involved in the song writing and video concepts for the songs that are created.


This duo doesn’t look like your typical pop star duo, but that may be the thing that has made other people gravitate towards them. As electronic music improves a lot of people are seeing just how big this trend is. Tiesto is an example of this. He is a producer that makes millions, but The Chainsmokers made a decision to take things further when they decided that they would venture into creating their own songs. This is what separates them from so many others that are in the electronic music field. The Chainsmokers are producers that have turned into certified musicians. These are the musicians that have managed to carve out a place for themselves as true leaders of this new pop sound that involves both low bass and electronic synthesizer sounds.

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