The, Market America Miami, conference of the year

Market America is a company that deals with product and service brokerage and internet advertising. The company began in 1992 and is based in Greensboro. It advertises, different products and services, online including jewelry, makeup, household essentials, and car parts among many other products. The company was formed by James Howard Ridinger and, his better half, Loren.



Market America has expanded to 7 countries over the years and is still working on expanding further. They group their products and services into different categories so that the user has more direct ways of selecting their choice of products or services.



Market America hosts annual conferences every year that has lots of entrepreneurs who share and brainstorm on new business ideas. This year the Market America Miami conference was the place to be for all entrepreneurs. Tickets, for the Market America Miami conference, were available online in different countries. For every three tickets bought, there was a free 500 dollar worth of product voucher available.



The Market America Miami conference brought together UnFranchise Owners from all over the world. The conference is usually a networking conference that is filled with a lot of enthusiasm and brainstorming sessions. The Market America Miami conference lasted for three days and was focused on brainstorming on ways of creating a better product for the sellers and buyers as well. For the sellers, it was working on making its system more flexible and unique to support their sales. On the consumer part, it was focusing on creating a better shopping experience. Tickets are available online for the next Market America Conference.

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