Upwork Continues to Attract More Clients Globally

Upwork Continues to Attract More Clients Globally

The recent developments of private technology companies going public point that many clients have resorted to transacting their business through online. This means that private online companies have started earning large sums of money by delivering quality services to their online companies. One of the reasons why most clients have resorted to using online private tech companies is that they employ the best workers from all parts of the world. Most companies that started off as small online private companies have now shown interest in going public. Examples of these companies include Dropbox, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Eventbrite among other companies. The most recent development about a private online tech company was with the Upwork Global Inc.

Upwork Background Information

Upwork was started in 2014 through the merging of two companies which were Elance and oDesk. The two companies were among the first freelance firms with Elance having been formed in 1998 and oDesk started in early 2000. Stephen Kasriel became the chief executive officer of Upwork immediately after the merger. Under his leadership, he has managed to convince several investors to fund the company. As per the company’s latest reports, they had received more one hundred million dollars with the first thirty million being secured immediately after the merger. Upwork has numerous stakeholders which include Benchmark, Sigma Partners, Globespan Capital Partners, T.Rowe Price and also SG Growth Partners among other stakeholders. Among all these stakeholders, Benchmark is leading with 15% followed by Sigma partners which have 14.2%.

Upwork Global Inc.’s Platform

Upwork has assisted several companies and private individuals to complete their projects without facing any major challenges. Upwork provides a platform where employers and freelancers can work together without facing any traditional challenges like time and place. Upwork is currently the leading platform that connects freelancers and companies or individual professional to work together to complete their projects. Upwork is currently considered the best online platform because it has the best freelancers who are talented with skills from all fields. The company has been able to select the best freelancers by having a thorough recruitment process.

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