Victoria Doramus Shares And Uses Her Experience To Help Individuals Recover From Drug Addiction


Victoria Doramus has expertise in behavior and psychology in relation to drug addiction. Doramus hit rock bottom before realizing that she needed to commit herself to conquer her drug addiction fully. During this time, Doramus wasn’t aware that she required the support of her friends if the journey to recovery was to be fruitful.


In 2012, Victoria Doramus checked into a rehab facility in Arizona. During this time, Doramus was fighting Cocaine and Adderall, two highly addictive drugs. Despite learning that the addiction was challenging to deal with, Doramus still checked out of the rehab facility 45 days later optimistic that she was on the path to recovery.


During the next five years, Victoria Doramus led a life highlighted with changing friends, jobs, and states. But all these did not help her kick her addiction away. Doramus later checked herself in a Connecticut rehab facility for 60 days. It is during this time that Victoria Doramus realized that she needed to do whatever it took to fight her addiction.


Even with the help of close friends, Doramus soon discovered that she needed resolve and personal responsibility to recover. Upon realizing this, Doramus decided to move back to New York in 2016, her aim being to conquer addiction while also showing her ailing mother that she could succeed. Victoria’s mother was dying from cancer during this time.


Unfortunately, Doramus suffered another relapse. She later took medication prescribed by the doctors in New York City. After this relapse, Victoria Doramus was left homeless, and what’s worse is that she had no support system. Other than having no roof over her head, Doramus was left without a family or friends. While at her lowest, it became more apparent to her that she would never survive with no network. As of January 2017, Victoria Doramus was sure that death was inevitable is she didn’t seek help. See This Page to learn more.


Victoria checked in for treatment at a Texan facility called Burning Tree. The facilities approach was systematic, and it had zero sympathies for relapse. She stayed at the facility for eight months before checking out. After leaving the facility, Doramus waited tables for four months before being self-sufficient. Since then Victoria has been sensitizing society on the challenges faced by recovering addicts


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