Vinod Gupta : Lessons From One The World’s Wealthiest Businessmen


Everest Group LLC CEO, Vinod Gupta or known to his friends as “Vin” originates from one of the poorest villages in India, however, that did not stop him from becoming one of the wealthiest men in the world. Gupta was first introduced to the concept of hard work as he watched his parents sacrifice and work day and night to send him to school.

Vin vowed to do the best he could with the education he was given and one day be able to provide aid back to not only his parents but those in the community who were suffering right along with him. Recently we were able to conduct an interview with Vin Gupta where a series of questions regarding his business and overall life. He’s also shared his “Business Advice” on how to succeed in the competitive and modern world of business.


What was the inspiration behind your company?

Vin Gupta states that his introduction into the business world came as a challenge given to him by his then-employer Commodore Corporation. His task was essentially to gather information on the top mobile home companies in the country, however, at the time there really weren’t any reliable databases with this information.

Therefore, Vin Gupta quickly thought to himself that companies could benefit from this type of service, long story short he was able to not only create an accurate list but also manage to sell it to various companies who were desperate for it. View Additional Info Here.


What is one form of marketing that you use that has been successful?

Vin Gupta believes that the innovation in technology has allowed the company to excel in reaching customers through email marketing, social media marketing, but what has always allowed him to grow is simple direct-mail marketing. This works extremely well because in today’s hectic world emails are easily buried and or deleted before they are opened. Physical mail is tangible and is the sole object in your hand compared to an inbox with many other ads.


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