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The current Chief Executive Officer of Everest Group is an Indian American businessman named Vinod Gupta. The Everest group is a family-owned corporation. He is the former Chief Executive Officer of Infogroup. He served in this position for this company two different times once from 1972 to 1997 and then again from 1998 to 2008.


Mr. Vinod Gupta is also an active investor and active philanthropist. Vinod Gupta is extremely generous with his fortune and he has donated over 50 million to various charities throughout the United States and India. Vinod Gupta is the definition of self-made he turned a $100 bank loan into a 680 million dollar company.


There are a number of businesses listed under the Everest group such as A to Z databases, Express copy, LP police, and Infofree. The reason why the Everest group owns so many small companies is because they actually provide venture capital for database startups and they also acquire struggling businesses.


Vinod Gupta believes strongly in the diversity within his company he makes it a point to provide employment opportunities to the underserved populations. The reason Vinod Gupta created both companies Infogroup and Everest Group was to create a database that would create a direct mailing list that targets businesses that could benefit from this marketing list. Refer to This Article for related information.


Vinod Gupta states to maintain the success of his company he has to focus on long-term planning and long-term goals. He hired people to run the day-to-day operations while he himself the focus is on futures success.


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