Why Towers Watson Was Excited To Get Michael Burwell On Board

Although there are various insurance, advisory, and reinsurance broking companies, not many of them are specialized in this industry. If you see any of the companies excelling in the world of insurance, it is because of the top leaders it has brought on board. This is the route that Willis Towers Watson has decided to go. Willis Towers has become a specialist when it comes to the advisory and insurance field. To ensure the finances of the Towers Watson are managed in the right way, it has appointed Michel Burwell to be the new CFO (Chief Financial Officer). He will occupy the position Roger Millay held until 2nd October 2017.


The kind of experience that Burwell has gained in the finance industry for the last 31 years is incomparable. This is why he has always offered professional services in reputable organizations such as at PwC. Burwell has held various senior leadership positions in the United States such as being Chief Operating Officer, Head of Global Transformation and Chief Financial Officer. He has also been the Head of Transaction Services in the US for some time. Michael Burwell’s diligence has seen him work on pre-merger and he has also been an adviser of Transaction Services for about 12 years. Burwell has also served as an experienced auditor for 11 years.


The previous CEO of Willis Towers Watson, John Haley could not hide his joy when announcing that Burwell would be joining them soon. He was excited since he knew the kind of expertise and competence that Burwell would bring to the organization. Burwell knows how to deliver exceptional results irrespective of the economic waves. Having worked in some global companies, Burwell knows how to drive, lead and manage expected results. The executive leadership at Towers Watson is hopeful that Burwell will help it achieve its long-term growth through the expertise he has in transformation, transactions, and finance. View Additional Info Here.


Burwell studied at Michigan State University and graduated with Arts degree in Business Administration. He is also a public accountant who is already certified (CPA). Burwell has a vast experience in the private sector where he used to evaluate the projections and business models of different equity funds. Burwell is well-versed in taxes, auditing, financial reporting, mergers, and also acquisitions. Willis Towers is said to have been started around 1828 and it has been growing over the years. The countries that depend on its services are about 140 and the employees who associate with this company are over 40,000.



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